Welcome to the grand opening of our 5-acre agricultural land dedicated to the cultivation of jackfruit and manioc! We are thrilled to invite you to explore our website and discover the wonders of these versatile and nutritious crops.

At our plantation, we have carefully chosen to focus on jackfruit and manioc due to their incredible benefits and potential. Jackfruit, known as the “miracle fruit,” offers a range of culinary possibilities, from its deliciously sweet and fibrous flesh to its nutrient-rich seeds. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures that we cultivate jackfruit with utmost care, preserving its natural flavors and promoting a healthy ecosystem.

Alongside jackfruit, we are passionate about growing manioc, a root vegetable that is a staple in many cultures around the world. With its high carbohydrate content and adaptability to various soil types, manioc is a valuable crop that provides sustenance to communities while requiring minimal resources. Join us in celebrating this grand opening as we embark on an exciting journey of sustainable agriculture and the promotion of these incredible crops. Together, let us cultivate a healthier and greener future. Following are the lovely moments of our model farm opening ceremony at Kuruvita.