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Agri-mulch film, also known as agricultural mulch film, is a specialized plastic film widely used in modern farming practices. Designed to enhance crop production and reduce weed growth, agri-mulch film is typically placed over the soil surface, providing a protective barrier.

The film serves multiple purposes in agriculture. Firstly, it conserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation, thus minimizing the need for frequent irrigation. Secondly, it helps to regulate soil temperature, creating a more favorable environment for plant growth. Additionally, agri-mulch film acts as a physical barrier, preventing weed growth and competition for nutrients. By suppressing weeds, it improves crop yield and quality.

Furthermore, agri-mulch film also aids in preventing soil erosion, reducing the need for chemical herbicides, and promoting efficient use of fertilizers. It is available in different colors, such as black, white, or transparent, allowing farmers to choose the film that suits their specific crop requirements.

Overall, agri-mulch film is an essential tool in modern agriculture, promoting sustainable practices and maximizing crop productivity while minimizing the use of resources.